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What you see is not always what you get........

Have you ever heard of the saying "you can't judge a book by it's cover"? Well I think I'm a prime example of that. Right now if you were to take a look at me and my life you would see a wife, a women who is over weight and a person that you may assume has no motivation in here life.  That is the cover to my book of life, but the cover of my book is just that a cover. Behind it all when you really get in to the heart of my book. I'm a wife yes but one who loves her husband and is trying her hardest to have a marriage that will last a life time. You will also find that yes I am over weight but for the last 3 months I have been trying my hardest to make my self as health as I can be. I take pride in trying to make my life last as long as it can. As for this women that you see that has no motivation your wrong. I have more motivation right now than I ever have. I'm a what I would call a struggling photographer, but this is only because I am just starting out. Photography allows me to see the world in a different perspective and it allows me to see past all the horrible this in life. Through my camera lens all things are beautiful. Motivation for life is what fuels me to get up every morning and to try and make each and every day better than the day before.

Philippians 4:13
  I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.