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Big Changes

Well recently in my life I have taken on some big changes. I've taken a more active role in being a good house wife to hopefully prepare me for when its time for me to be a good mother.  I've also started on a new career path which will hopefully bring my husband and I to the point we would like to be which is a little thing called being independent.  My new job path is in Life insurance sales. In the one month that I have been working for Liberty National I have went from being just an Agent to new this week becoming a Unit Manager. It feels so good to actually be good at doing something, and really actually be doing for a good cause and a good company. I'm still living in the same house, and have the same friends, but I truly have a new outlook on life. Which I owe all to God, when you put your life in his almighty hands he shall provide and boy does it feel good when he does.