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Steps in the right direction...

For some reason I have chose to make 2010 my year for changes in my life. In the year 2010 I will have turned 26 and am now in my upper 20's and I guess its time for some major changes. I've been making so many changes in my life these days I don't know which way is up any more, but funny enough it feels great. I feel like I'm finally moving in the right direction lets hope it stays that way. Working on having a new body, new education, new career, and hopefully starting a family this year.

In doing so I have changed the way i eat and treat my body. As of mid March I found out that I have lost 60lbs which is a great step for me but I have a long way to go. I'm going to make this journey by eating better, being more active, and treating my body with more respect. I still want to lose about 100 more pounds, but at this point I think that I'm well on my way to achieving my goals.

I have also chose decided to go back to school(which starts in 4 days) to get my CNA with the support from my family and friends. Its time for me to find my place in this world and I believe that is helping people even if it is taking care of someone else's grandparents and being there with them when there family's are unable to be. In this journey I hope to get my CNA and then most likely go for my LPN or RN. So in 2010 I will have a new education and hopefully a new career. I find myself scared and excited at the same time.

Im making these changes in life so that I might have freedom again and feel like Im headed in the right direction . All of these changes that are taking place at once are scary, but it also feels good because for once I feel like Im moving forward not backwards. Hopfully by making these changes I will be able to start making the biggest change of them all. By starting my own family.
I guess it just takes some people longer to find out where they want to be in life it took me until I turned 26 to figure that out but for me I that is ok.